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September 29, 2020
S01 E26: USA Cycling – Dr. Kelsey Erickson

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S01 E26:  Kelsey Erickson: USA Cycling

Cycling. It’s a sport that has a checkered past with doping. Many questions remain today about whether or not doping is still an issue. Knowing that, USA Cycling has implemented a couple of tremendous programs to help keep their sport clean and safe. They are sparking important conversations about this topic while providing crucial resources to racers of all levels. You will now get to learn all about their work. It is important for us to explore the world of Anti-Doping because not only does it tie in directly with our Foundation’s mission, it is also a fascinating field that is always changing.

Today we will be talking with Kelsey Erickson from USA Cycling. Kelsey oversees the organization’s SafeSport program and is responsible for providing resources to USA Cycling athletes and members seeking education, services and advice to address possible violations of USA Cycling’s SafeSport policies and Code of Conduct.  In addition, she also oversees USA Cycling’s anti-doping efforts, including the RaceClean Program.

Erickson joined USA Cycling after nearly a decade of work in international anti-doping. As a student and professional at Leeds Beckett University (UK), Erickson led and supported multiple global anti-doping research projects, receiving funding from such organizations as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Athletics Foundation (IAF). Her research focused primarily on developing evidence-based anti-doping education interventions and whistleblowing policies and procedures; a combination that helps serve her in her role at USA Cycling.


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