Taylor Hooton Foundation

is a non-profit organization leading a national campaign to educate youth and their adult influencers of the truths about Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances including anabolic steroids, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), energy drinks, and dietary supplements.

Defining the problem: 

Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances, also known as performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), are substances used to improve any form of activity, performance and/or appearance in humans. Some of the substances that fall under this category are things like anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), human growth hormone (HGH), dietary supplements and even energy drinks.

Just how big is the youth anabolic steroid, human growth hormone and dietary supplement problem? Bigger than you might think.

Defining specific problems:

Anabolic Steroids

Human Growth Hormone

Dietary Supplements


Energy Drinks

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