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February 20, 2023
Episode 91: Developing Usable Strength – Jose Vazquez, MPT, RSCC*E

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Developing Usable Strength  – Jose Vazquez, MPT, RSCC*E

Strength.  What is it?  Why is it important to our health?  In today’s podcast we’re going to be talking to Jose Vazquez who is the Major League Strength Coach for the Texas Rangers.  From the time he was a young man growing up in Puerto Rico he was fascinated with activity and strength and conditioning.  One of his traits you’re going to quickly learn about early on in our interview is on that he is constantly learning and wants to get better.


Jose is going to share his wealth of knowledge that he has obtained over his career with us in this interview.  The focus will be on “usable strength”.  You might be asking yourself what is usable strength and is that just something an athlete needs to have?  Useable strength is something we can all focus on in our day to day lives even though we’re not competing in professional sports.

One of the coolest stories Jose will share in this podcast is what drew him to the martial art, Jiu Jitsu.  Most people probably have no idea that Jose is a black belt which took him nearly a decade to achieve.  He has learned a lot mastering this art that he uses in his day to day job working with professional baseball players.

We know you will find this information very helpful in your day to day life as well as it’s information that will make you better.  Thank you for tuning in! 


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