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November 29, 2022
Episode 86: How to Stop Losing Muscle While Aging? – Sara Oikawa, PhD

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How to Stop Losing Muscle While Aging? – Sara Oikawa, PhD

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle tissue as a natural part of the aging process. Did you know that after age 50, muscle mass decreases at an annual rate of 1-2% and muscle strength declines by 1.5% between ages 50-60? It is estimated that 5-13% of people 60-70 years of age are affected by sarcopenia with those numbers increasing to up to 50% for those aged 80. But, is there a way that we can slow this process down or even prevent from happening? In this podcast, we speak with Dr. Sara Oikawa, from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute about strategies to minimize muscle loss as we age. We’ll discuss the impact of exercise and exercise type, dietary factors and the importance of protein, are there any dietary supplements that could play a role.

About Sara

Sara is an Associate Principal Scientist at the GSSI satellite lab at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.  Sara earned her Honours Bachelor of Science Kinesiology, Masters of Science in Kinesiology, and her Ph.D. in Kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. Sara’s Masters focused on resistance training-load mediated muscle hypertrophy in trained young adults. Her Ph.D. work focused on dietary protein quality and alterations in protein metabolism, specifically muscle protein synthesis, in both inactivity and resistance training models. In her spare time, Sara enjoys travelling, hiking, cooking, and watching Toronto based sports teams.

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