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August 23, 2022
Episode 79: Treating Anabolic Steroid Users – Imran Khan

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Treating Anabolic Steroid Users – Imran Khan

Anabolic Steroids is an Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substance that we educate on every single day, but we wanted to talk with someone that is dealing with Anabolic Steroid users directly on a daily basis. What are they seeing? How big is the problem? How are they managing this use? This is why in this episode we speak to Imran Khan, owner of Transform Now. Transform Now is a health and wellness company based in the UK that works to improve the health and fitness of their clients. Over the years they have been associated with clients who use PEDs both for performance and for aesthetic purposes. Instead of having a condescending view on use or making a moral judgement, they provide advice and warnings while monitoring health. They do this through blood test that are specifically designed for a PED user, as well as ECGs (Echocardiograms), ultrasounds and CTCA (CT Coronary Angiography) scans.

Transform Now does not condone Anabolic Steroid use. They actively educate and advise others daily on the dangers of these substances and the scope of the problem. They also believe there is a lack of medical assistance available to users. Because of this they believe in being that resource users can come to for support. In this episode we talk to Imran about his background, who he sees coming into his office, how he provides treatment and what he is trying to prevent, if he worries about his treatment encouraging continued use, and what he thinks needs to be done to prevent the growing usage problem as a whole. We also discuss his current research in this area that we look forward to sharing with you in the future.

Resource Definitions and Links:
Transform Now: https://transformnow.co.uk/

Transform Now Testing: https://transformnow.co.uk/private-blood-tests/


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