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July 26, 2022
Episode 77: 5 Keys To Being The Best – Jeff Krushell

The ALL ME® Podcast

5 Keys To Being the Best  – Jeff Krushell

Do you have what it takes to be your very best?  Have you ever wondered what you’re lacking to be the best you can be?  In this interview with Performance Expert, Jeff Krushell, we talked about his 5 keys to performance development.

“There’s an ebb and flow to coaching and an ebb and flow to athlete development.  The cool thing about performance, it’s made up of basic elements – like the periodic table – all you need to do is combine the right ones win the right way for you and your situation and BOOM there you go.” – Jeff Krushell

From a small town playing sports with his friends, Jeff has made it to the pinnacle of his profession in Sports Performance and Athlete Development.  He’s had the opportunity to work with hundreds of professional athletes around the globe.  He has a passion for this industry and you can hear it come through his voice when he’s talking. 

We’re going to discuss the elements that separate those who are good at their trade to those who are the very best.  Every one of us possess the tools we need to work at peak performance, but most of us lack the knowledge and drive it takes to get there.  Jeff is going to talk about all of those elements and what you can to do educate yourself so that you perform at the top in your job.

Our discussion in this podcast is going to cover an array of topics from sleeping like a pro, to the importance of hydration to Krush’s brain game.  He’s going to show you how you can work on all of these skill in your life to make you better.  Be sure to tune into this episode to take away some of the expertise that Jeff Krushell has learned over his lifetime in performance and you will quickly understand why organizations like Major League Baseball, Olympic Athletics and the National Hockey League hire him to come in and work with their teams to make them better.


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