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June 14, 2022
Episode 74: The Keys to Sports Performance – Brendon Huttmann

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The Keys to Sports Performance  – Brendon Huttmann

Sports Performance is an ever developing field that is spreading out of professional sports and  into youth sports.  In this episode we’re going to be speaking with Brendon Huttmann who has quite a bit of experience in the field of Sports Performance. 

Brendon started his career following his college graduation with the Cleveland Indians, now the Guardians.  He worked hard during his Minor League Baseball Career which landed him his first big league job with the Los Angeles Dodgers as their Major League Strength Coach.  He then moved to the Pittsburgh Pirates where he went from being the Major League Strength Coach to the Sports Science Coordinator.  As wearable technology gained traction and notoriety he continued his path up to being the Pirates Director, Performance Science.

Huttmann then had an opportunity in the US Armed Forces and took a job as the Director of Holistic Health and Fitness with the U.S. Armed Forces Command (FORSCOM).  Today he is leading a team of Athletic Trainers, Strength Coaches and Physical Therapists that are in the field working with our service members.

Brendon is going to share a lot of his leadership skills and knowledge about strength and conditioning that everyone can apply to their everyday life in this podcast.  These are good pieces of information for our listeners to use as a take away to better their health and fitness. 



5 Tips for getting fit:  https://www.communityhealthmagazine.com/fitness/5-tips-for-getting-fit-with-brendon-huttman/article_190c8eaa-9cfb-11e4-b13b-1feb00300e67.html  

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