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May 7, 2022
Episode 72: Mental Health: Current State of Collegiate Athletes – Dr. Chelsi Day

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Mental Health: Current State of Collegiate Athletes – Dr. Chelsi Day

In 2022 alone, 3 college student athletes took their own life due to the pressures of trying to balance performing at the highest level of their sport and in the classroom while also trying to maintain a healthy social life. It’s evident how difficult that is and the pressure it puts on a young individual. What are the primary factors that are contributing to the mental health issues and illness found in collegiate sports? How can young athletes successfully manage everything and still have adequate balance between life and sport? Should parents of young athletes not demand so much of their children, especially when it comes to being successful in that sport. These are the questions we discuss with Dr. Chelsi Day, Sports Psychologist for The Ohio State University Athletics Department.

About Chelsi Day, PsyD

Dr. Chelsi Day is a licensed psychologist who specializes in clinical sport psychology. She was a diver at Miami University where the team won two MAC Championships during her time. Following her tenure as a Redhawk, she obtained a master’s degree in sport psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a master’s degree from Antioch University New England followed by a doctorate in clinical psychology from Antioch. She has worked in private practice with high school, Olympic, and professional athletes, in college counseling settings, and most recently was the director of counseling and sport psychology at Indiana University before joining the OSU SPAWS staff in the fall of 2019.

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