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January 25, 2022
Episode 64: Organization of Competitive Bodies – Marjorie Thrash

The ALL ME® Podcast

Organization of Competitive Bodies- Marjorie Thrash

Bodybuilding-It is a sport that many often connect with Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances. While drugs like Anabolic Steroids and hGH are certainly being used by some in the sport, there are also groups out there competing drug free. The Organization of Competitive Bodies (OCB) is one of those groups.

In this episode we will be talking to Marjorie Thrash, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the OCB, an all-natural bodybuilding organization. We talk to Marjorie about her own background in bodybuilding, her role with the OCB, what their events look like, how they make sure their athletes are drug free, and what some of the misconceptions are about bodybuilding as a whole.


The OCB is also a partner of the Taylor Hooton Foundation. We spend some time talking about how that partnership began and what that looks like through the synergy of our organizations. The OCB connected us with 4 of our recent ALL ME Advisory Board Members. We discuss those role models, the importance of providing positive inspiration to others, and the satisfaction of achieving your goals the right way. Together we are inspiring other to live and compete ALLMEPEDFREE!

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