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November 2, 2021
Episode 55: Teamwork Strategies & Core Principles – Nadia Kyba, MSW, RSW

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Teamwork Strategies and Core Principles-  Nadia Kyba, MSW, RSW

A TrueSport Collaboration

Teamwork-it is a concept that is crucial to the success of any group setting, not just athletics, but one that can sometimes be hard to achieve. What does successful teamwork look like? When do we know it is taking place? What are the core concepts that compose comprehensive teamwork?

In this episode we will be talking to an expert in this area,  Nadia Kyba. Nadia is a Registered Social Worker and a widely respected expert in the field of conflict resolution. Her experience spans more than 20 years within the Provincial Child Welfare system and more recently in the private and not-for-profit sectors. She is the founder and president of Now What Facilitation, an organization that provides teams with the skills to effectively manage conflict, increasing productivity, retention, and overall success. She is also the author of THIS IS HOW WE ROLL: A Coaches Guide to Transforming Conflict into High Performance. Her passion for training and conflict management has led her to design and facilitate interventions and workshops for sports associations, business organizations, and families to address individual and group conflict.

Kyba is also a TrueSport Expert and part of our TrueSport Collaborative Podcast Series. TrueSport is a division of the United State Anti-Doping Agency that works to change the culture of youth sport by providing powerful educational tools to equip young athletes with the resources to build life skills and core values for success on and off the field. TrueSport Experts offer practical and evidence-based insights and guidance to help coaches, parents, and other sports influencers embody and teach young athletes about Sportsmanship, Character Building & Life Skills, and Clean & Healthy Performance.

This episode dives into her expertise in leadership, conflict resolution, and communication so that you can improve the teamwork with the groups in your life!

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