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September 7, 2021
Episode 51: Steroid Analysis – Keith McLemore

The ALL ME® Podcast

Steroid Analysis:  Keith McLemore

According to SteroidAnalysis.com for years, there has been a systematic campaign of ‘dis-information’ that is still being spread throughout the bodybuilding subculture simply to maintain or expand the base of illegal supplement users.  This has resulted in an explosion of healthy young people who are willing to experiment with unknown pharmaceuticals and their potentially catastrophic results.

Sadly, the higher volume of users has translated into an alarming increase in steroid / growth hormone related illnesses and deaths.  Bodybuilders, wrestlers, professional athletes, and typical gym rates fit the common profile of steroid and hormone users.  However, new users fit comprise unconventional profiles including amateur athletes, cheerleaders, those in the pornography trade, soccer moms, beauty pageant contestants, and male-to-male escorts.  Altogether, these users suffer horrible consequences that are trending toward young-aged fatalities.

During this interview we will talk with Keith McLemore, founder of SteroidAnalysis.com.  Throughout Keith’s life he has had a deep interest in the world of fitness and body building.  From the time he was in college he began to familiarize himself with the gym and learned from those more experienced gym goers about how to get bigger and stronger by mastering the art of weight lifting. 

Along Keith’s journey in the world of fitness, he became friends with Greg.   Greg was a long time competitive body builder who was using anabolic steroids to help with his physical goals.  Because of the path that Greg chose it ultimate cost his life, which sparked Keith to forming Steroid Analysis to help impact others who are thinking about using drugs. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Steroid Analysis or about “No Juice in this Tank” apparel, please see the resource links below.

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