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July 27, 2021
Episode 48: Losing a Son to Suicide – Felicia Labatore

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Losing a Son to Suicide:  Felicia Labatore

Losing anyone to suicide is a very difficult thing to go through in life.  It’s what we do with that tragic loss that can change the directory of others who might be struggling with drug abuse, mental health and someone who is thinking or has tried taking their own life.

In this podcast I had the opportunity to talk with Felicia who is a mom of three boys, a wife and a law enforcement officer who lost her oldest son, Clay, to suicide as a result of his abuse of Anabolic Steroids.  She is going to tell us about her wonderful family and how her sons abuse of anabolic steroids led to him making a decision to end his life.  As a mom and law enforcement officer she or her kids aren’t immune to bad things that can happen to a family.  She is going to provide tips and advice for parents whose kids are struggling with mental health and drug abuse.

Please understand that trying to share the story of losing a loved one to suicide isn’t easy to talk about, and really it never gets much easier as the time passes.  But, her courage to share Clay’s story will leave an ever lasting impact on your life.  We hope you will take a link to this podcast to share with others so they too can hear Clay’s story which could lead to saving another young life.

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