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June 15, 2021
Episode 45: How to Get to the Top and Never Quit – Major Wright

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How to Get to the Top and Never Quit – Major Wright

When it comes to hard work and overcoming obstacles there is one man who comes to mind that shares his story about his path to success and that man is former NFL Player, Major Wright.  Nothing in life is handed to us and success doesn’t come easily. 

In this podcast we’re talking with Major Wright who is now an author, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  Growing up Major had dreams of playing in the National Football League.  From a young age he knew he loved the game of football and was prepared to work has hard as he could to achieve his dreams.  His mom was his support system that helped guide him through his childhood where he’d eventfully get a full ride to the University of Florida and become a Gator. 

Along his path to success Wright made a few mistakes, just like we all do, but he never let those mistakes take the focus off his dream of playing in the NFL.  While at the University of Florida he helped the Gators win the National Championship in 2008.   In 2010 he was picked in the 3rd Round of the NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears and this is a story you must listen to!

Following his successful years in the NFL, Major will tell us about how he was lost and didn’t know what his next steps in life would be.  But today, he owns businesses and is constantly reading to better himself and the people around him.  He’s also written a book title “Major Pain – Confessions of a Smash-Mouth Safety” that outlines his life from the time he was a kid to achieving his dreams on the football field.

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