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May 7, 2024
Episode 116: Sports Pharmacist – Ashley Anderson

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Sports Pharmacist – Ashley Anderson

In this episode, Don Hooton interviews Ashley Anderson, a sports pharmacist and founder of the International Sports Pharmacists Network. They discuss Ashley’s role with the United States Anti-Doping Agency and the importance of sports pharmacists in ensuring the integrity of sports. They also explore the differences between a sports pharmacist and a regular pharmacist, the considerations for athletes taking medications and dietary supplements, and the risks of contamination in dietary supplements. Ashley emphasizes the need for athletes and parents to seek the advice of a sports pharmacist when making decisions about medications and supplements. The episode concludes with a fun curveball round of questions.

Ashley Anderson, RPh, MBA, IOC-Drugs in Sport Certified, SPh

Most pharmacists have a blind spot about drugs in sport because it is most often not taught in pharmacy school. Giving athletes the most accurate, customized answer depends on the pharmacist correctly interpreting the details of the drug in the context of the athlete’s sport and codes by which the athlete abides.

Consult your sports pharmacist.

Ashley Anderson, Patient-Athlete Advocate and Medication Expert, is a consultant who designs and delivers collegiate sports pharmacy programs. She also advocates for drug safety by working with athletes and athlete support personnel.

With over twenty years of experience as a clinical hospital pharmacist, and 16 years of working with elite athletes through the US Anti-Doping Agency and managing drug data for GlobalDRO, Ashley developed the depth of knowledge and front-line experience in sports pharmacy.

She is a practicing clinical pharmacist who also obtained her Wilderness EMS Certification and Incident Command to lead SAR and medical relief trips abroad. Ethnopharmacy is another great passion of hers. You can also find her as an author and editor on several journal articles and publications in Sports Pharmacy.


00:00 Introduction to Ashley Anderson and the International Sports Pharmacists Network

03:00 Ashley’s role with the United States Anti-Doping Agency

06:30 The role of a sports pharmacist and the difference from a regular pharmacist

08:54 Working with athletes and their doctors to navigate prescription drugs and therapeutic use exemptions

11:23 The importance of understanding the risks and interactions of medications and dietary supplements

19:00 Considerations for athletes taking medications for mental health and pain management

20:38 The risks and lack of regulation in the dietary supplement market

23:59 Finding a sports pharmacist and seeking their advice on dietary supplements

28:32 The importance of understanding the risks of contamination in dietary supplements

29:02 The dangers of using selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs)

34:56 Curveball Round: Fun questions

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