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February 6, 2024
Episode 113: Vitamin D for Health and Performance – Dr. Kimberly Stein

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Vitamin D for Health and Performance – Dr. Kimberly Stein

Did you know 25% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D and 41% are considered below sufficiency status? Is this because of the inability to get enough from the food supply or lack of sunlight in certain parts of the country? In this podcast, we speak with Dr. Kimberly Stein from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute to discuss the versatility of this nutrient and its important role in health and human performance. Dr. Stein discusses the functions of vitamin D, how to correct a deficiency, the best sources of vitamin D, and how much does someone need to reach an optimal level. 

Dr. Kimberly Stein is a scientist with a background in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. Kim’s previous research focused on vitamin D, dairy foods and recovery, and in her current position, she oversees programming in the translation of scientific information for influencers as well as athlete/team testing. Kim earned her bachelor’s degree at Beloit College (WI) in Chemistry and Sociology, where she also played basketball and softball, and her master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame. In 2005 Kim earned her doctorate at Purdue University from the department of Health and Kinesiology while training in the Interdepartmental Nutrition Program. Prior to arriving at GSSI, Kim worked as an Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition at Carroll College (WI), and coached basketball for 10 years. Kim is passionate about sports nutrition and enjoys helping athletes understand why proper fueling is so important for their performance. 

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