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October 31, 2023
Episode 108: Myths and Misconceptions of Muscle Cramping – Kevin Miller, PhD

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Myths and Misconceptions of Muscle Cramping – Kevin Miller, PhD

Whether it’s the sudden onset after an intense bout of exercise or that middle of the night wake up call, a muscle cramp can be incredibly painful. Many of individuals from high performance athletes to every day individuals suffer from muscle cramps. What are the driving factors causing these cramps? In this podcast, we speak with Dr. Kevin Miller to discuss the potential factors that are causing muscle cramps, whether or not dehydration has any direct impact on playing a role in cramping, the best ways to attend and treat someone with a cramp, the role of stress on cramping, and do electrolytes help? Stick around to the end to learn about specific myths on the role of creatine, bananas, and pickle juice on treating cramps.

Dr. Kevin Miller is a Professor in the Athletic Training Program at Texas State University. His research interests include the causes, treatments, and prevention of exertional heat illness with a specific emphasis on exercise-associated muscle cramping and exertional heatstroke in American football players. He has published over 65 peer-reviewed manuscripts in medical journals and presented over 100 international, national, or regional presentations on topics related to heat illness. He has co-authored several national and international position statements including the 2015 NATA Position Statement on Exertional Heat Illness, the Statement of the Third International Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia Consensus Development Conference, the 2021 NATA Roundtable on the Pre-hospital Care of Patients with Exertional Heatstroke. He serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Athletic Training and is a member of the Korey Stringer Institute’s Medical and Science Advisory Board and the NATAs Convention Program Committee.

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