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May 15, 2020
S01 E09: Artificial Sweetners with Dr. Richard Mattes

The ALL ME® Podcast

S01 E09:  Dr. Richard Mattes

How many times have you heard you shouldn’t be consuming a low calorie sweetener? We’ve heard them called sugar substitutes, fake sweeteners, alternative sweeteners as well as some claiming they’re poison. What we do know is there are a variety of natural and alternative sweeteners on the market being consumed as this is a $1.5 billion dollar industry. Whether you use Equal, Sweet N Low, Splenda, Stevia or another product, this market is continuing to grow and expects to grow to $1.8 billion by 2026. Should you be concerned about weight gain if consuming the products? What about your blood sugar? Will it spike and crash? Or do these sweeteners negatively impact your appetite? Also, what is the correct term for these sweeteners?

In this episode, Sports Dietitan Tavis Piattoly, will be speaking with Dr. Richard Mattes who has dedicated his research to examining these questions. We’ll be discussing some ground breaking research he conducted on the impact of various types of sweeteners on changes in body weight. We’ll also discuss the impact they have on our appetite, blood sugar, and hunger levels.

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  • The Taylor Hooton Foundation has an education program on Nutrition and Dietary Supplement Safety
  • Up to 25% of Dietary Supplements are contaminated with illegal drugs and banned substances.

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