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May 14, 2020
S01 E01: Taylor Hooton’s Story

The ALL ME® Podcast

S01 Ep 01:  Don Hooton Jr. & Don Hooton Sr. Part 1


The Taylor Hooton Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization leading a national campaign to enlighten the world to the truths about Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances including anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, energy drinks and dietary supplements.

  • Don Hooton Jr. (Taylor Hooton’s older brother) and Don Hooton Sr. (Taylor and Don Jr’s Father) have a conversation about Taylor.
  • You will learn more about Taylor Hooton from the time he was born (June 10th, 1986) until the day he committed suicide – July 15th, 2003.
  • Taylor was told that he needed to get “bigger, stronger and faster” when he was in high school. This is what lead to him purchasing anabolic steroids.
  • Why are young people turning to anabolic steroids and other Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substance?
    • #1 to look better
    • #2 to feel better about themselves
    • #3 to improve athletic performance
  • Taylor’s brother and dad will share their painful memories from July 15th, 2003
  • Don Hooton Sr. will then talk about what it was like to deliver the Taylor Hooton Foundation’s very first education program just 6 weeks after burying his youngest son Taylor.
  • Taylor’s story goes viral

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Did You Know?

Over 1.5 million teens admit to using anabolic steroids.


The #1 reason young people turn to anabolic steroids is to look better.


Up to 25% of Dietary Supplements are contaminated with illegal drugs and

banned substances.

85% of students have never been educated on this topic.


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