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February 23, 2021
Episode 37: Overcoming Life’s Challenges – Jon Peters

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Overcoming Life’s Challenges – Jon Peters

After setting the national high school record for consecutive wins by a baseball pitcher young Jon Peters lands himself on the cover of the March 8th, 1989 Sports Illustrated magazine.  Growing up in Brenham, TX which is not only the Baseball Capital of Texas but it’s also the home of Blue Bell Ice Cream, Peters was on top of the world on the outside but struggling personally on the inside.

Though out life many of us will struggle with what Jon is going to refer to as “self-limiting beliefs” and it’s how we handle these struggles that can determine our futures.  Jon is going to share his story of how he tried to take his life the night before he would set a national record for most consecutive high school wins by a pitcher.



Following Peters’ legendary high school career, he struggled with arm problems which took him away from the game of baseball which identified him. It was while he was in college that he began to consume alcohol.  In his early 30’s he was a heavy drinker that had a problem but he was afraid to reach out for help.   Shortly before his 40th Birthday he wanted to get help and finally asked for it.  He was able to check himself into a rehab clinic to get himself sober.

As a believer in Christ he asked the lord to put something on his heart that could help people and that is when we got the idea to write a book about his life.  The title of his book is “When Life Grabs you by the Baseballs” which has helped not only his recovery but to share his story with others.  Within a few weeks of the books release he was called by a gentleman who had checked himself into rehab and got himself help because of the courage he received after reading Jon’s book.

Today Jon is working on starting his own non-profit so that he can continue to help others who are struggling.  He is a life coach for young kids trying to keep them on the path to success while staying drug and alcohol free.  This has led to many speaking engagements in schools, churches and other venues.  We’re thankful to have someone like Jon on our podcast, it’s an interview you won’t want to miss.

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