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January 26, 2021
Episode 35: Nutrition Strategies To Optimize Recovery – Kevin Luhrs

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Nutrition Strategies to Optimize Recovery – Kevin Luhrs 

Athletes are always looking for a competitive advantage when it comes to their performance. Whether trying to reduce muscle soreness, refuel your gas tank, or help your muscles repair and rebuild after an intense lifting session, just making small improvements in these areas can make the next training session a little easier. Are there specific nutritional strategies we can take to speed the recovery process? What would happen if we could consume specific nutrients to improve day to day performance and recovery? In this podcast, I’ll speak with Gatorade Sports Scientist and Sports Dietitian Kevin Luhrs to discuss what you can do to speed the recovery process from training. 


About Kevin Luhrs

Kevin is an Associate Principal Scientist at the GSSI satellite lab at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL.  His primary responsibility includes leading the GSSI Athlete Service Team.  Kevin earned his BS at the University of Nebraska in Nutrition Science and Dietetics while playing football as a defensive lineman for the Cornhuskers.  He then went on to undergo his Dietetic Internship through the Baptist Health System in San Antonio, TX before becoming a Registered Dietitian in 2009.  Shortly after going back to Nebraska to work as a volunteer Sports RD for football, Kevin became the Team Sports Dietitian and Assistant Strength Coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010. He worked closely with the players, coaches, and support staff while pioneering the Buccaneer’s first Sport Nutrition Program over 9 seasons. With the Bucs, his duties included the coordination of all meals and snacks for all players at home and on the road, instructing players what to eat based on their goals and timing of competition for optimal performance and recovery, and the heavy involvement in hydration strategies. A big focus of Kevin’s research during this time was the possible correlation of body composition on player risk of injury. He also served as one of the Senior Leaders for the NFL RDs and worked diligently with the NFL and NFLPA on Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) amendments.  Also during this time, he earned his MS in Applied Exercise Science from Concordia University Chicago. Outside of work life, Kevin likes to spend time with his wife, go to movies, travel, and lift weights.

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