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August 22, 2023
Episode 103: Peptides – Dr. John Yates

The ALL ME® Podcast

Peptides – Dr. John Yates

Over the past year of delivering our ALL ME education programs in schools we have had a lot of questions about the topic of “Peptides”.  Some of the questions have been “What do you know about Peptides?”  Or we did get the questions “Are Peptides safer than Anabolic Steroids”?  While these are topics that we will cover in our programs we like to interview experts in their fields to talk more about these specific topics.  In this podcast we’re going to talk with Dr. John Yates who is an American chemist and Professor at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California.


Dr. Yates’ work specializes in mass spectrometry.  He’s known for the development of the SEQUEST algorithm for automated peptide sequencing.  This was the best person for us to go to and pick his brain about the topic of Peptides to help students and adult influencers have a better understanding of what Peptides are and how they work.

If you are anyone you know has ever had questions about this topic this is a podcast you certainly won’t want to miss.  To learn more about Dr. Yates please visit his website: https://www.scripps.edu/faculty/yates/

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