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July 11, 2023
Episode 100: Lower Body Strength Training – Joe Hudson

The ALL ME® Podcast

Lower Body Strength Training – Joe Hudson

Here at the Taylor Hooton Foundation, one of our tremendous partners is the Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society (PBSCCS for short). PBSCCS is our partner behind our MLB ALL ME® Advisory Board. Together we inspire people to achieve their physical goals the right way. Because of that, we wanted to team up and bring you a series of podcast episodes focusing on a variety of performance topics. In this episode, we talk with Joe Hudson, a Minor League Performance Coach for the Boston Redsox. Joe will give us his background within the worlds of baseball and strength and conditioning, while also taking about a topic he is passionate about, lower body strength training.


During this podcast you will hear Joe talk about the importance of lower body strength training not just for professional athletes but what it’s important for all of us so that we can remain active as we get older.  Throughout the interview he is going to reference “force plates”, so we wanted to make sure that our listeners knew what that was and could see a video on how it works:


Vald Performance Force Plates Video: https://valdperformance.com/forceDecks/

One of the things I think you will notice is the amount of detail that goes in to working with Professional Baseball players.  What you will see is that there isn’t a one sized fits all lower body strength program for them, which also translates to those who have no desire to compete.  We’re all different so there isn’t just one plan we can follow, Joe recommends working on the lower body a few times a week.  So I guess the old saying “don’t skip leg day” is true!  The lower body strength is an integral part of our health.

Thanks to Joe for his time and thanks to PBSCCS for their support and inspiration for others to be #ALLMEPEDFREE!  

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PBSCCS: http://baseballstrength.org/

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                -Instagram: @pbsccs

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