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May 22, 2019
Berrios 'proud' to join fight against PEDs
SEATTLE — When the Taylor Hooton Foundation approached José Berríos about a role with its Advisory Board, the Twins’ starting pitcher eagerly asked when he could start and how he could help. Berrios is one of 42 active Major Leaguers taking on the role for the organization, which advocates against performance-enhancing drug use by American youth. The 2019 season marks the fourth straight year that the foundation had at least one representative from all 30 teams. “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for me to use this platform that I have and God-willing ability to play baseball and to take advantage of it to help others,” Berrios said. The Taylor Hooton Foundation is widely acknowledged as the leader in the advocacy against the use of appearance and performance-enhancing substances by America’s youth. As members of the Advisory Board, Berrios will participate in the 2019 public-service campaign, All Me. He will take part in public service announcements and be featured in print and league publications. Widely recognized by his teammates and opponents for his rigorous conditioning, Berrios hopes he can use his work ethic to set an example for younger players. “I think the way I prepare is like an example of how athletes should take care of their bodies,” Berrios said. “It might not be the perfect solution or the perfect way to go about it, but I keep learning about myself and others and take that into the game and help other players take that into the game, so kids can learn what they need to do.” The Taylor Hooton Foundation was established in 2004 by Hooton’s friends and family after Hooton passed away at 17 years old, stemming from his use of anabolic steroids. MLB has endorsed the THF Advisory Board since ‘14. “I feel proud to be an example for those that are coming through the Minor Leagues and kids that are going to play baseball and things like that,” Berrios said. “It’s a benefit, and it’s a proud moment for me.”
Daniel Kramer is a reporter for MLB.com based in Seattle. Follow him on Twitter at @DKramer. https://www.mlb.com/twins/news/jose-berrios-fights-peds-with-taylor-hooton-foundation