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October 8, 2013
With Steroid Use Reaching Epidemic Status, New Report Highlights the Ability to Access Online
    It is done under the cover of locker rooms, gyms, or even your teenager’s very own bedroom. For every one to two pro athletes exposed in the national spotlight for using illegal steroids, thousands of teens are doing the same thing—and they’re putting their lives and futures at risk. The Digital Citizens Alliance, in partnership with the Taylor Hooton Foundation, has authored a report that shows just how much of an impact illegal steroids and other APEDs have on our youth, especially young athletes. According to a Zogby poll commissioned by the Digital Citizens Alliance: Over 8% of males aged 18 – 25 reported that they have used anabolic steroids.
  • Almost 28% reported that they knew someone who had taken APEDs, such as steroids or HGH.
Our report highlights star high school pitcher, Taylor Hooton, who turned to illegal steroids to get to the next level. While the steroids bulked up his muscles, they destroyed his mental stability and wellbeing, eventually leading to his suicide. While steroid use by teens has been an issue for many years, the problem is escalating rapidly due to the Internet. The Internet has become a quick, low-risk way for teens to acquire illegal steroids. As our report points out, “A simple Google search will return thousands of websites offering to sell steroids.” Any access to illegal steroids or other APEDs is a serious concern; however, the ease with which teens can obtain them from the Internet (via YouTube, Ebay, etc…) makes the problem of particular concern to parents and others who are concerned about teen safety online. Predators can hide behind computer screens, almost completely anonymous, while taking advantage of young athletes and students who are trying to stay competitive and don’t understand the high price they could end up paying for a quick fix to their short-term challenges. Please take a look at our report and get engaged on this serious issue.