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December 13, 2010
Where's the RAGE about steroid education?

News Flash: Steroids are still a problem in sports.

Sure, the pros toughened their policies. Federal agents have had success catching suppliers. And a handful of pros have been busted.

But the latest research shows a half-million teenagers admit to experimenting with illegal steroids. They are widely available on the Internet, or from misguided trainers, coaches and parents. One cheerleader tells us steroids are easier to get than beer.

Problem is, 85% of teens tell us they have not received any education about steroids. This should frighten colleges and pro teams and corporate partners, who will keep facing steroid issues in their ranks until the problem is fully addressed among teens.

That means guys don’t know about ‘roid rage, stunted growth, small testicles, man boobs, liver problems, acne, and more probable joint injuries. Teen women don’t know how steroids lower their voice permanently, cause hair to grow everywhere, and has their bodies take on male characteristics. The emotional consequences can last 18 months after the last dose.

Surely, older athletes can take steroids safely, right? No! A published study of bodybuilders who admitted using steroids showed their hearts to be calcified like a person 30 years their senior. The sad fact is, some steroid-era athletes face serious health consequences or early death. Are steroids worth that? Of course not.

Sure, steroids make muscles bigger. But they do nothing to help your skill or intelligence, the two factors that separate starters from bench warmers.
Legendary Bears linebacker Dick Butkus has a message he hopes every teenager in the country hears loud and clear and that's to Play Clean.

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