December 18, 2011
Wes Gould
FORMER doorman Wes Gould used steroids for four years to bulk up for his job. Then he suffered a series of health problems which convinced him to ditch the drugs. Wes, 43, who now owns a shop-lets firm in Norwich, says: “I left the Army in 1994 and started as a doorman at clubs and pubs around Stoke-on-Trent. “Size mattered, it was the culture to go to gyms and I started experimenting with steroids to get bigger. “I’m 6ft and was about 16st before taking steroids. I averaged 19st and 20st at my peak. I never hid what I was doing, although my then partner didn’t like it one bit. But it made me feel powerful in the gym. “Over the four years I took them I had side-effects from my testes shrinking, acne on my back and oily skin to a metallic taste in my mouth and occasional palpitations. “I once injected into a nerve in my thigh that swelled up so badly I had to go to A&E. “I stopped because I wanted to take better care of myself and knew I didn’t need the gear to be big. You can be big and healthy with the right diet and training. “I would never recommend steroids. But anyone who does them should do all the research and get all the advice they can as the risks are obvious.”