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April 14, 2011
Taylor Hooton Foundation issues a statement on the Barry Bonds Conviction


Today, Don Hooton, President and Founder of the Taylor Hooton Foundation issued a statement on behalf of the Foundation: Yesterday, San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice in conjunction with a Grand Jury investigation into his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. It is a sad statement that such a great star allegedly resorted to using illegal anabolic steroids and other substances to play the game of baseball and then tried to obstruct the investigation into that alleged drug use.

“This is a huge day for our cause, ” said Don Hooton. “Finally, the kids of America are getting a message that one of their role models, Barry Bonds, tried to obstruct the legal establishment investigating his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. And that the ultimate result of this obstruction is gross embarrassment, a record as a felon, and a real possibility of going to jail.”

“What a contrast: from an image of Bonds circling the bases with his two hands held high in the air after hitting a record home run to the possibility of seeing Bonds being walked off to jail with those same two hands behind his back in cuffs!,” added Hooton. Let’s all use this as a teachable moment with our children – taking this opportunity tonight at your dinner table – to remind your young ones that cheating doesn’t pay.

Also, let's use this opportunity to commit to educate our kids about the dangers of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs, including the steroids and Human Growth Hormone that were central to Bond's case. We should all be demanding that our educators and coaches speak openly and regularly to our kids about these drugs. Sadly, studies have shown that over 80% of our children have never had an adult, a parent, teacher or coach, speak with them about the dangers of these drugs. This situation has to begin changing – – – now.

Let's use this somber moment commit ourselves to educate kids, coaches and other professionals about the dangers of using steroids, HGH, and other Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs. About the Taylor Hooton Foundation:

The Taylor Hooton Foundation is the only entity, public or private, in North America dedicated to educating young people and their adult influencers about the dangers of appearance and performance enhancing drugs. The Foundation has educated hundreds of thousands of people across the United States and Canada via their Hoot's Chalk Talk programs. Additionally, through a partnership with Major League Baseball, the Foundation delivers these programs in all thirty professional baseball stadiums every baseball season. The Foundation was founded in 2004 in memory Taylor E. Hooton, a 17-year old student athlete from Plano, TX. Taylor committed suicide as a result of his anabolic steroid abuse.

For more information on The Taylor Hooton Foundation visit www.taylorhooton.org Contacts Taylor Hooton Foundation Don Hooton O) 972-403-7300 info@taylorhooton.org