July 12, 2010
Student Letter
I normally reserve this space for news articles.  However, we received an unsolicited letter from a Massachusetts high school student this week that I think you all need to see. “Out of the mouths of babes” . . . . almost no one is talking to our kids about the dangers of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs!  Ask your kids when the last time was that one of their teachers or coaches spoke with them about this topic! Our primary goal as a foundation is to change this situation. Don
Dear Taylor Hooton Foundation, I am writing this letter to you because I did a research project about steroids.  I chose to write to your foundation because I feel that steroids cause death because no one knows how steroids can harm you.  Your organization looked like a perfect place that will help me. My essay talks about the harms and side effects of steroids.  For example heart issues, strokes and Roid Rage.  My goal of this essay is any person who reads my essay will not want to use steroids because of the hard facts about steroids. The action that should be taken should just be awareness.  I’m in high school and I can’t tell you how may alcohol assemblies I have had but not once has one of them been about steroids and the harsh side effects.  People just need to become aware of steroids and side effects. Sincerely, Christopher M. Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts