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July 9, 2013
Steroid use rises in younger athletes

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More and more news outlets are recognizing that steroid use among our youth is a growing problem.  It is NOT getting any better as some might lead you to believe! Here is a story that ran in the University of Houston newspaper this week. Don

Many athletes are turning to steroids to obtain their goals of turning professional. According to research conducted in 2012 by the University of Minnesota, 60 percent of steroid users said professional athletes influenced their decision to use performance-enhancing drugs, and about six in 10 users believe that professional athletes have the right to use steroids.

Kinesiology junior Mark Agholor does not approve of professional or student athletes using steroids.

“Using steroids to enhance your performance takes away from the competition,” Agholor said. “It takes all the fun out of watching sports knowing that someone has an unfair advantage.”

The research also showed that 65 percent of steroid users are willing to use pills or powders, if it guaranteed athletic success, regardless of health hazards.

About 57 percent said they would continue to use steroids even if it would shorten their lives.

Education senior Ashley Willett said she would not use steroids even if they would not be a threat to her health.

“I feel like it’s cheating,” Willett said. “College athletes should not use steroids, especially if they’re intending on going professional. If they can’t handle college sports without steroids, they certainly can’t make it while they’re under the public eye as a professional.”

UH has created many resources and programs to help guide students in the right direction. The wellness center holds workshops, outreach events and campaigns to promote healthier lifestyles.