July 6, 2015
Stephen's Story
Stephen’s story We spoke to one steroid user about his experiences. Stephen, in his 30s, from Ayrshire, began taking the drugs orally a few years ago but quickly moved onto ­injecting. He told how they help him boost his physique but left him battling unwanted side effects. He said: “A lot of young guys use steroids in the gym and it’s talked about openly. “No one is ­embarrassed or ashamed about it. “Everyone wants to know what each other is taking and if it’s any good. Most of them are young guys in their 20s and 30s who want to get bigger. Some of them inject every day, others inject every few days, ­depending on what they’re ­taking. “Jagging yourself all the time can get you down but the results are worth it. “I’ve had some side effects like gynomastia and that can be quite painful but it went away. “I’ve heard of some guys who have needed to go for an operation to have the breast tissue removed but that’s in extreme cases. “All these things happen when guys hammer steroids every day, I think. I don’t know if steorids are addictive but I don’t think I could still go to the gym and not take them. “If I stopped taking steroids, I’d probably stop going.” Members at a health club launched by Sir Richard Branson have been left stunned after a bin installed in the male changing area was crammed with dirty syringes. Staff say the specially designed box was installed under health and safety laws for used razor blades. The bin was mounted on a wall at Virgin Active in Glasgow’s Finnieston. One gym member said: “There’s a lot of young guys using the gym who clearly use steroids. “There are more than there were a couple of years ago. Any time you look in the bin you’ll see dirty needles. “It’s better they’re put in a box for sharps than a normal bin.” Branson’s Virgin Group retained a 20 per cent share of Virgin Active when he sold the brand for £200million in April. The chain is one of the largest in the UK and its Glasgow branch one of the busiest gyms in the city. A Virgin Active spokesman said: “We have sharps bins that we have to have on site under health and safety regulations but apart from that there is nothing else I can say. “It is a health and safety requirement for members to dispose of razors and so on – as far as being connected to anything untoward I am not in a position to say.” http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/top-doctor-warns-bodybuilders-who-6005243