February 16, 2012
Scott Siegel
Negative Effects of Steroids Excerpts from “Scott Siegel was all the rage in ‘The Wrestler,’ but real steroid story serves as cautionary tale“, originally published in the NY Daily News on May 08, 2010 You may have heard about Scott Siegel from his role in “The Wrestler”. His acting garnered him many accolades, including praise from Mickey Rourke. He has also appeared in many other films and commercials. But unfortunately, that may not be his lasting legacy. Siegel walked up to a Honda Civic parked suspiciously outside his parents’ house in Eastchester. The car had the darkest tinted windows he had ever seen – so dark that he had to cup his hands around his eyes and press his face against the glass to look inside. When his eyes finally focused, Siegel saw another pair of eyes looking back at him. They belonged to Drug Enforcement Administration’s Westchester County Task Force; Siegel was under watch for trafficking drugs. They had been following him since he release from prison for selling ectasy. The Task Force believed that he was now dealing steroids, even though he had been earning ample income from his acting career. the 285-pound Siegel had been using anabolics his entire adult life, starting as a 15-year-old kid with body-image insecurities, all the way up through his career as an actor in commercials, television shows and movies. Now the 35 year old Siegel is back in jail. He pleaded guilty to drug charges as well as two counts of assaulting, impeding and interfering with officers in the performance of their official duties. His acting career is hold while he serves a 63 month sentence. His story serves as yet another tale of the destructive nature of steroids. Whether or not Siegel was taking steroids remains unclear, but selling them can yield the same dangers. If you’re considering using steroids, remember their deadly side effects. And as Scott Siegal’s story shows, these drugs are illegal. Becoming involved with steroids is putting not only your health in jeopardy, but your spotless history as well. Parents and coaches, learn what it takes to talk to kids about steroids.