February 23, 2012
Robert J. McCann
Negative Effects of Steroids Excerpts take from ‘Accused says he’s ‘sorry what I did”, originally published by the Press Republican on February 22nd 2012.

Steroids Made Me Do It

After Robert J. McCann was arrested, the list of the accused crimes he committed was hard to read; attempted murder, kidnapping, stalking, rape and assault of his ex-girlfriend. His reasoning behind commiting these crimes is stunning; I believe the steroids I was taking controlled the outcome of these events. Steroids have many documented negative side effects. One of the most documented being increased aggression, commonly known as ‘roid rage’. It’s difficult to know exactly whether or not steroids contributed to McCann’s crimes, but the fact remains the story of his accused crimes are very aggressive in nature. McCann went on to claim, “That’s not the real me” McCann’s story serves as a warning for potential steroid users. The list of negative sides effects is lengthy, and many of them, such as heart damage could hamper you for the rest of your life. The entire story of McCann’s ordeal is a harrowing tale of what can go horribly wrong when one chooses to use steroids.