December 18, 2011
Patrick Hall
Patrick hall was a good looking kid, extermely popular, and a very talented athlete. But that was not enough. In 2004, Patrick started using Anabolic steroids. That use led to abuse and eventually a full blown addicton that nearly cost him everything. Steroids, and the need to always be bigger and more ripped consumed his every waking thought. His money would go toward steroids instead of bills, would schedule his work around his injection times, and payed no attention to the things that really mattered in life. After estrangement from many friends and family members, repossession of two cars, brokendown kidneys,near fatal encounters with drug dealers, and the liver function that of an old man; Patrick finally pulled his life together in 2007. “My steroid use destroyed my family, my credit, and my health. It chased away anyone that ever loved me. it destroyed my health and made me a monster. And i was in total denial. I don’t think that those close to me really know how close i came to taking my own life when the depression from these drugs, this venom kiced in.” Today Patrick is clean and living and preaching a healthy lifestyle. “It is my mission to make kids aware of exactly how dangerous these drugs are. They can kill you.”