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January 24, 2011
Parents have responsibility for cleaning up sports, too
Every parent should spend a few minutes and absorb.  And realize that this message applies to YOU and your family! Don

Over the last few years, it has been almost impossible to talk about sports without the issue of performance-enhancing drugs (steroids, etc.) coming up, especially when some high profile trials occur in the near future. It is very hard to know whether athletes are cleaning up their act or not. As fans we can only hope that is the case.

Unfortunately, there will always be an issue with steroid substances in our society because of the great emphasis on players being the best. From an early age, it is stressed to young athletes that winning, hard work and pushing themselves to reach their potential are desirable goals and character traits. In addition, professional athletes are looked up to as special, so it is natural that kids strive to do the things that professional athletes do. Not to mention that the rewards are so great (college scholarships and possibly millions of dollars, and the admiration of many fans), that the temptation will always be too much for some players to pass up.

There is no area of positive parenting in sports that is more important than teaching our youth that cheating to reach their goals is never an acceptable way to succeed. Parents and coaches should emphasize that winning and achieving full potential is only praiseworthy through hard work, and only through legal means. Of course this is often easier said than done with impressionable young athletes and just telling them not to do everything in their means to succeed is rarely enough. With that in mind, following are some things positive sports parents can do.

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