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December 16, 2009
Our Hoot's Chalk Talk Program is Saving Lives
Occasionally, we hear from young people who have attended one of our Hoot’s Chalk Talk events. Today, we heard from a young person who tells us that because he attended one of our events in an MLB park this summer, the life of one of his friends was spared.

This note is worth reading and makes all of our hard work worthwhile.


A few months back I was hanging out with a friend on a Saturday afternoon. My friend is a senior in high school. We began talking about his football team and his future in football. As the conversation went on he began to tell me how he was lifting in the off-season, and how he met this guy at his gym. This man knew who he was from seeing his pictures in the local newspapers. He told him that he knew a way to help him put on extra muscle fast.

My friend was very intrigued by the idea of coming back the following season in a lot better shape. So he decided to try this guy’s method. It turns out that his method was to use human growth hormones, commonly known as HGH.

When he told me this I was in complete shock. It turns out that he had been taking HGH for the previous three months. I was even more shocked when he told me that he had told a few of his friends on the team, and they began using also. I immediately thought of the talk Donald had given me at a baseball camp I attended over the previous summer.

So I took my friend to the computer and showed him the Taylor Hooton Foundation website. I showed him the story about Taylor, the story of other kids, and the facts about steroid use. After seeing this he was in complete shock. He knew steroids were bad for you, but didn’t realize that so many athletes his age had died as a result of abusing substances such as the one he was using. We continued to talk about it for about an hour.

After that day he told his teammates what I had told him, and showed them the site as well. From that day on he, and his teammates, never used HGH again.

I would like to thank Donald and the rest of the member of the Taylor Hooton Foundation for all the great work they are doing. If it had not been for the talk I received from the foundation, I would not have been able to help my friend, and God only knows what may have happened to him.

Thank you again THF for helping me save my friend.