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August 24, 2017
Nationally Renowned Veteran Sports Dietitian Joins Taylor Hooton Foundation Board of Directors
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Nationally Renowned Veteran Sports Dietitian Brings Invaluable Experiences to Assist in the Taylor Hooton Foundation’s Work

McKinney, Texas (August 18, 2017) – The Taylor Hooton Foundation announced today that Dave Ellis, RD, CSCS a recognized expert and veteran in the world of High Performance Fueling has joined its Board of Directors. The Taylor Hooton Foundation is widely acknowledged as the leader in the advocacy against appearance and performance enhancing substance (APES) use by the youth of America. “We are very pleased to have Dave join our distinguished Board of Directors and look forward to working with him to help further our message across the US, Canada and Latin America,” said Taylor Hooton Foundation President Donald Hooton Jr.. “For years, Dave has been an advocate of athletes achieving their goals the right way, through proper diet and nutrition.  As we expand our messaging to include providing kids with the tools they need to compete fairly and safely, Dave will be a huge asset.” Dave is on the plus side of 35 years of work in sports, innovating food focused fueling solutions for Olympic, College and Professional teams across North and South America.  Dave helped found and volunteers as one of the Past President-Ambassadors for the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Assn. that is dedicated to training Sports RDs (registered dietitians) to manage the unique challenges that drug tested athletes face.  Dave’s expertise in the Food and Supplement Security space has grown to the point where he was offered a one of a kind position with Major League Baseball (MLB) in December of 2016, to make sure every MLB team has a Sports RD!   “The move by MLB and MLB Players Association to create my position, to ensure every team has a Sports RD on board and to work on food focused fueling solutions, was a first in sports, anywhere!  Part of my role with MLB is to help train Sports RDs on food and supplement security trends that ultimately drive adulteration mitigation strategies.  The fraudsters never rest on their desire to adulterate highly fortified foods and dietary supplements with appearance and performance enhancing substances.  These APES adulterated products are designed to create co-dependence with consumers, many of which are too young to have resources around them to navigate the sensational claims made by adulteration fraudsters.  All of us in the anti-doping community, we never rest on tracking all of the fraudsters behind these adulterated products and the Taylor Hooton Foundation never rest on getting that message out to young students about the health risk that come with cavalier use of appearance and performance enhancing substances, from any source”, said Taylor Hooton Foundation’s newest Board Member. To date, the Taylor Hooton Foundation has spoken to and educated well over one-million people across the U.S., Canada and Latin America thanks to their many supporters including their primary sponsor Major League Baseball. Additionally, the THF has put together an Advisory Board that consists of 40 of the best Major League Baseball players, including at least one representative from each of the 30 teams.  These men have proudly stepped forward to be role models to help us enlighten people to the truth about appearance and performance enhancing substances. You can learn about how Dave has been making food coachable for young athletes at www.daveellisbio.com and more about Sports RDs at www.sportsrd.org.   CONTACT:    Rick Cerrone / Rick Cerrone Communications (914) 715-5491 / rick@rickcerrone.com  About The Taylor Hooton Foundation: The Taylor Hooton Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating North America’s young people about the dangers of anabolic steroids and other appearance and performance enhancing substances.   The friends and family of Taylor Hooton formed the Foundation in 2004 after his untimely death at 17 years old following his use of anabolic steroids. For more information about the Taylor Hooton Foundation and its efforts, please visit www.taylorhooton.org and www.allmeleague.com.