July 3, 2014
Logan Steiner

Coroner’s Office: Ohio Teen Died From Lethal Dose Of Caffeine Powder

An Ohio coroner’s office reported that the death of a high school prom king in May was caused by a lethal dose of caffeine powder. 18-year-old Logan Steiner died suddenly right before his graduation. He was a stand out student. “He was just a terrific kid, he was a role model for the Special Olympic athletes, they loved having him there,” said Superintendent Jay Arbaugh. Autopsy results didn’t reveal anything, but additional blood tests showed he had more than 70 micrograms of caffeine in his body. The popular kid had mixed caffeine powder with a drink and his body couldn’t handle it. Caffeine powder is illegal in Ohio. State Senator Gayle Manning said in a statement that she is talking to officials to see if any further steps would be beneficial. Just one teaspoon of the powder alone mixed with water is equal to 30 cups of coffee. “This is news to the coroner’s office; we had never seen this before,” said Lorain County Coroner Stephen Evans, MD. “What it does is, it leads to cardiac arrhythmias, speeding heart and it leads into seizures and those two things are what took his life.” Evans says it’s a dangerous situation, which needs to be regulated more closely. He also said that it’s the number one stimulant drug in the United States and it can be abused just like any other drug. “We found out this was being sold in bulk form, in a powder form, and it was being used by young people, especially students, especially athletes and it was just to give them an edge because most of them like all of us thought it was innocuous you know, it can’t hurt you,” said Evans. Companies claim that the powder increases focus, endurance and elevates moods. It’s unclear why Steiner took the powder. http://www.myfoxphilly.com/story/25919663/high-school-prom-king