July 19, 2010
Kidney Damage
As I have mentioned in previous posts, there is growing concern among many in the medical community about the affect that anabolic steroids can have on the kidneys (see previous posts). I received a note from a concerned parent today that I believe is worth sharing with you all. Don
I have a story to tell about Steriods. Not only is Steriod use highly addictive but it affects any children you might have in the future. I have a daughter that has just had major kidney surgury and the reason why? Is that her dad was a bodybuilder that used steriods. Anyone that has used steriods and fathered a child should have that child under a detailed scan of his or her kidneys to check at an early stage to see if there is any defects. As the damage caused from steriod use, has not been fully investigated but more and more generations of steriod users are having children that have malformed kidneys. If your child has a constant infection and no reason can be found for it, insist on an indepth scan. My daughter nearly dead because I did not know that a furter investigation was required. I did have second and third opinions but never was it suggested that she should have a scan, until it was almost too late. If you are a steriod user, reach out for help and keep on reaching out until you get help.