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January 3, 2014
We have just opened a search for a new Taylor Hooton Foundation position:  Education Program Manager to focus on Latin America. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK CONTACTS. We are looking to hire a bi-lingual native Spanish-speaking person.  They will be our foundation’s ambassador to Major League Baseball in Latin America.  This person will need to spend 3-4 months per year focused on speaking to youth baseball players, coaches and parents in Latin America.  They would be delivering our already existing Hoot’s Chalk Talk program in Spanish to several thousand people across the Caribbean during this period. We have two employment options: a)      Hire a temporary person that would like to work for us as a 1099 Contractor in the March/June time frame working in Latin America conducting our programs, or b)      Hire a full time employee that would spend these 3-4 months working in Latin America with the remainder of the time being spent in the US working as part of our education team that focuses on selling and delivering programs into middle schools, high schools and universities across the US. If you are  interested in applying for this assignment, please forward you resume to info@taylorhooton.org .   Job Description Position Title: Education Program Manager Position Summary: A multi-lingual native Spanish speaker who has a strong personality that will allow them to be a valued and respected THF Ambassador to Latin American baseball. The Education Program Manager will promote and deliver Hoot’s Chalk Talk (HCT) Programs in Latin America baseball leagues (primarily RBI Leagues), high schools and other venues as well as promote, sell, and deliver programs for delivery in North America schools, coaches associations, athletic associations, and other venues. This position will include sales (phone and face to face), coordination/ concept messaging of HCT programs and performance as a speaker. Moderate to heavy travel is required – this manager will reside in the US, but will be expected to work remotely for multiple weeks at a time. Strong public speaking skills are required. Responsibilities: Primary Responsibility of the position: Latin America (~3-5 months per year): Promote and deliver HCT Educational Programs o Schedule and deliver programs to participants in the RBI program, other institutional baseball leagues, as well as to local high schools and other groups of young baseball players and coaches in 4-5 countries in the Caribbean. o These programs will be delivered on behalf of Major League Baseball. o Working with professional baseball teams to deliver HCT’s to their players. o Managing Contacts and other information in the THF CRM, Salesforce Interface and work very closely with Major League Baseball staff in delivering education messages to the youth in the Dominican Republic and Latin America. Responsibility of the position in remaining ~7-8 months (while in the US): Sales and Marketing of HCT Educational Programs o Prospecting potential customers for HCT programs o Average of 50-75 outbound phone calls/emails per day o Tracking/Logging of all customer/prospect information into THF CRM system o Development and maintenance of individual revenue plans and forecasts o Development of programs targeted at acquiring new accounts o Identification and development of new markets and revenue opportunities for HCT programs o Identification and development of new channel opportunities for HCT programs Assist in the development of an annual marketing plan, annual budget plan, and an annual business plan Act as a THF representative to specific/assigned industry organizations Provide guidance to support staff on HCT issues Home office The Educational Program Manager is expected to maintain a home office THF will provide a lap top computer and Internet service for the home office (with the Internet service not to exceed $40 per month) THF will provide land line phone service THF Representative With guidance of the Executive Staff, develop and maintain positive relationships with key donors and corporate sponsors Participate in local and national conferences, fundraisers, trade shows, and associations as appropriate to the vision and growth of THF Work with the Executive Staff to participate in fundraiser opportunities and donor follow up Full time position Employee to Devote Full Time to Company. The Employee will devote full time, attention, and energies to the business of THF. Schedule Standard work week: 40 hours (note that much of the Latin America activities will require working on weekends) Standard THF business hours: 8:30AM – 5:30PM