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September 9, 2009
Ex-Bears great Dick Butkus passionate about anti-steroid program

One of our closest partners in our battle to end steroid abuse among our nation’s kids is legendary NFL Hall of Fame player, Dick Butkus.

In support of the cause, Dick and his team are holding a Charity Fight Night at the Hilton-Chicago on October 15. Proceeds will go to the Butkus Foundation. I urge all of our supporters living in the Chicago area to think about attending. I know you will have a great time!


9/8/2009, Chicago Tribune

The face of
the Bears franchise between 1965 and the early ’70s was shared by running back Gale Sayers and middle linebacker Dick Butkus.

Neither Hall of Famer expressed any jealousy or animosity toward the other.

“I met him early on in the all-star games, before we even got to the Bears,” said Butkus, who was a first-round draft pick along with Sayers in 1965. “And I like to think we are good friends ever since. So there was never any animosity between offense and defense.”

In his autobiography, Sayers said of Butkus: “We remain great friends and have so many shared memories.”

Current Bears stars Brian Urlacher and Jay Cutler quickly defused reports that there is tension between them since the Pro Bowl quarterback was acquired in April.

“Maybe it’s just the sign of the times. People tend to forget that the ultimate objective is to have a good team and forget about the individual parts,” Butkus said Monday via telephone from an education station at the Herbstreit Varsity Football Series at Cowboys Stadium. “Urlacher probably said [a disparaging name about Cutler], maybe, but he was probably just fooling around. Then it got blown up to where everybody has got to comment about it.”

These days, Butkus is most passionate about his anti- steroid program called “I Play Clean,” and he would like to see NFL stars get behind the initiative, aimed mainly at high school athletes.

A fight-night fundraiser for the initiative will be held Oct. 15 at the Hilton-Chicago.