July 8, 2014
Christopher Wilson
  facebook_-1122248402 Christopher Wilson:   “I used steroids from 2005 to 2008.” In these times of drug use I thought of nothing but getting  bigger than my genetics will allow for the sake of competing in a body building show. Well, I never got the size I  was after.  Instead, I spent at least $600 a month on supplements ( drugs ), lost a girlfriend I wanted to marry, developed a big lump in my shoulder that I had to have removed. Once I decided to quit I realized my own body’s testosterone production was shut down. I gained body fat, couldn’t put on muscle, was tired everyday regardless of  how much coffee I drank, couldn’t focus or concentrate. On top of that I became very depressed and had many thoughts of suicide. Once I had my doctor set my testosterone levels where they should be life is great for 3 months and then my symptoms return. It gets harder every 3 months to get through it and at this time I’m most thankful for my relationship with CHRIST! I wrote a book called WIN ( build your body to last ) and in this book I wrote about everything wrong with my body from the years of steroid use and why you don’t want to use these drugs. Nobody has put in writing what can happen to you, well I did! It’s available on amazon.com for sale and as you can see from my picture above I look a lot better without those drugs and leaner!!!! Purchase Christopher’s Book, Win, at the following link:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0990356701/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1441079143&sr=8-1&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=WIN+build+your+body+to+last&dpPl=1&dpID=41FDIIgBWaL&ref=plSrch

In WIN, author and fitness instructor Christopher Wilson takes you deep into his three-year battle with steroids. Learn what can happen to you from using steroids and find out firsthand why steroids won’t give you a body to last. Learn how to obtain the results you desire–the natural way. What you will find in this book: • Evidence of permanent steroid use damage • Where to go for help with hormone imbalances • The value of a simple blood test • The proper way to train • Nutrition tips and more