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May 31, 2016
Arizona Teen Dies After Drinking Too Many Energy Drinks
Lanna Hamann, 16, from Arizona died after drinking too many energy drinks as she vacationed in Mexico. Lanna Hamann, 16, was vacationing with friends in Rocky Point, Mexico, when she suddenly had a heart attack and died. Her friends say that instead of drinking water, she was drinking energy drinks. Lanna told the father of one of her friends that she wasn’t feeling well after spending a day on the beach. Lanna was known to be fit and athletic, so friends and family were shocked by her passing. A friend of Lanna’s said, “Anything can happen at any time, and it was so unexpected.” Lanna’s mother, Kris Hamann, described her daughter as having a “beautiful smile” and “outgoing personality.” Hamann said, “[Parents should] make sure they’re watching their kids. [Watch] what they’re drinking and [make sure] they’re drinking water instead of an energy drink.” Another friend said, “She just loved her Red Bull.” Cardiologist Jack Wolfson said, “There is medical evidence that these things do harm, they can cause changes in the heart rhythm, and impact blood pressure.” Due to complications with Lanna’s birth certificate, the cost to transport her to the U.S. for services was more than $13,000. The family raised transportation money through a GoFundMe account. http://www.allthatsnews.com/articles/society/arizona-teen-dies-after-drinking-too-many-energy-drinks