December 18, 2011
(last name withheld by request) From The SUN (a major UK newspaper, 7/28/2010) Ex-user Alex: He won’t be photographed and we can use only his first name but he injected steroids on and off for three years. The 35-year-old unemployed builder, from Crosby, near Liverpool, ended up in hospital after he fell into deep depression. His marriage collapsed and he even lost his job. He said: “I went from 13 stone to 16 stone. I was too big to move. I didn’t feel depressed at first but was just horny all the time, then suffered severe depression. It had a terrible affect on my marriage. “Everyone around me was was angry and aggressive, because all the lads in my circle were doing steroids. “I literally went mad. My wife left me and I lost my job.” A close pal of his even committed suicide after experimenting with steroids. Alex says: “He got into the real heavy end of the market – growth hormones which seem to affect your bones and muscles. “His hands grew so that he looked like he was suffering from giantism. He went mad. He became withdrawn and paranoid. He fell out with his family and went properly bipolar. “One day he overdosed and was found dead, slumped at the table with all the drugs in front of him.” Alex recalls how another of his mates turned violent against his own family. He says: “Steroids are like weapons – they give men the ability and the temperament to cause serious harm to others and themselves. “My mate was 29. He was the nicest lad you could ever wish to meet. But within months of using steroids he turned angry and violent. He was pushed out by his family and got revenge by throwing his mum, who he’d loved, through a glass window. She was rushed to hospital with serious cuts but didn’t press charges. “Afterwards my mate tried to commit suicide by overdosing on steroids but luckily he was saved.”