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July 26, 2013
A good story about our Brewers event
MILWAUKEE —For the first time, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is talking about the suspension of Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun. The timing is coincidental. Selig was scheduled to talk to kids about the dangers of steroids. While he wouldn’t address specifics of the Braun case, or others expected still to be announced, Selig said the sport is committed to being clean. “I appreciate all the players all over the big leagues who have been very complimentary because they know we’re doing this in a very thorough, disciplined, fair and sensitive manner,” Selig said. Selig’s appearance was part of the annual clinic at Miller Park warning young players about performance-enhancing drugs. “I said we would aggressively enforce that program. Obviously, if you have a tough testing program, you have to do that,” Selig said. He said they will continue to be vigilant. The kids got to play catch with pitcher John Axford, but he also warned them that to stay out on the field, they have to play the right way. The kids also heard a tragic story of how steroids took a young player off the field forever. The fall of the Brewers biggest star is heartening in a way for Don Hooton. “This was Major League Baseball taking a strong stand to drive this garbage out of this game,” Hooton said. http://www.wisn.com/sports/john-axford-bud-selig-talk-at-clinic-at-miller-park-warning-kids-about-peds/-/9373414/21150670/-/549mh4/-/index.html