The Third Recipient: Taylor Hooton Foundation President Don Hooton

Don HootonThe Board of Directors of the Taylor Hooton Foundation unanimously voted to select Don Hooton to be the third recipient (2012) of the Taylor’s Award.

Neil Romano, Chairman of the THF Board of Directors commented, “As the founder of the Taylor Hooton Foundation, Don has led the way nationally in spurring the effort to raise awareness about the problem of anabolic steroid use by the youth of our nation. He has shown courage as he has tirelessly fought to insure that adults across the spectrum are aware of this growing epidemic. And he has worked hard to insure that many thousands of youth and adults are educated on this topic.”

Donald Hooton, VP of THF, presented the award to Don at the annual meeting of the THF Board of Directors.

4 Responses to The Third Recipient: Taylor Hooton Foundation President Don Hooton

  1. patrick says:

    steroid are good for u and make u feel bater

  2. mike says:

    Not one picture or story about Taylor on this whole website, yet I get to see his dad’s picture and see how he is winning awards with his son’s name on them. Sad.

  3. Mike says:

    Why was my original comment about this foundation’s website deleted?
    I made some valid points about the direction and validity of this foundation and they were taken off the site. Why?

  4. Mike says:

    It’s awesome that my comments about the hypocrisy of this foundation keep getting deleted. Clearly this foundation also does not support our right of free speech!