McKinney, TX (August 5, 2013) – The Taylor Hooton Foundation, widely acknowledged as the leader in the advocacy against performance enhancing drug use by the youth of America, has issued the following statements regarding today’s suspension of Alex Rodriguez by Major League Baseball.

“It is with sadness and disappointment that we learned today that Alex Rodriguez has once again violated the rules of Major League Baseball by using illegal substances,” said Don Hooton, Taylor Hooton Foundation president.

 “We have had a good relationship with Rodriguez since early 2009 when we stood with him at his press conference in Tampa. There, he issued his public mea culpa, committed that he would not be involved in the future with banned substances, and said that he wanted to help us to encourage kids to stay away from them.  He offered to use his situation as an example to let them know that it is not right for them to use performance enhancing drugs. Working together, we’ve delivered messages to thousands of kids and have impacted their lives in a positive way.  But, today’s announcement leaves us no option but to discontinue our relationship with Alex Rodriguez.”

 “With respect to curbing use of steroids in the game,” he said, “today’s announcement makes it clear that Commissioner Selig and his leadership team are deadly serious about eradicating illegal anabolic steroid use from Major League Baseball,” added Don Hooton.

 The foundation’s board of directors met earlier today and determined to terminate with all activities with Rodriguez. 

 Said Neil Romano, the board’s chairman: “It is simply not acceptable for the foundation to be delivering positive education messages to kids in partnership with an athlete who has continued to use performance enhancing drugs in violation of the rules of Major League Baseball and in direct opposition to the lessons that we teach children.”

 The Taylor Hooton Foundation board of directors is deeply appreciative of Major League Baseball’s efforts in curbing the use of anabolic steroids and other appearance and performance enhancing drugs both on the field and in the community.  MLB is the leading contributor to youth education on this topic nationally and consistently invests more in this area than any other entity including the Federal Government. 

The Taylor Hooton Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating North America’s young people about the dangers of anabolic steroids and other appearance and performance enhancing drugs.   The Foundation was formed in 2004 by the friends and family of Taylor Hooton after his untimely death following his use of anabolic steroids.

 For more information about the Taylor Hooton Foundation and its efforts, please visit www.taylorhooton.org.


Kyle Purdy, VP Corporate Development



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  1. vinnie says:

    As of right now there is no proof of guilt of alex on peds, in 2009 you agreeded topartner with him in the sense of getting the message out. To put your relationship with Alex on HOLD until the results have surfaced, but to just cut strings based on you saying you cant continue because you are concluding he is guilty is absurd and i can not look to your foundation as being as credibile as you want one to think when you display the lack of the right to a person being innocent until proven guilty. Shame on you.

    • Amazed at Ineptitude says:

      According to news on television there is no evidence. The league wouldn’t suspend him without evidence. They won’t release it to the public until his appeal. He admitted to using them twice. What more do you want? Why do you think everyone took deals. Like Braun and Cruz. Because you think the league didnt have evidence against them? Look at the facts. Not the news. Idiots these days. Think they know it all because they watch tv. Ignorance and ineptitude.

    • Eric says:

      I totally disagree with you Vinnie as the Taylor Hooten Foundation did the right thing. Alex Rodriguez speaks on the behalf of this foundation and has now drug their name through the mud. I applaud them for doing what they have done because he has ruined his name as a role model and the foundation’s name. There are many more clean athletes out there to represent this foundation, keep doing what you all are doing!

  2. Bill says:

    Don’t worry, Vinny, Alex will someday be in the Cooperstown Hall Of Fame. How does Alex get there?

    He flies into Albany, and changes his bus in Utica, walk to the window, and buys a ticket.

  3. John says:

    Vinnie needs to apologize to the Hooton family. Alex Rodriguez was negotiating up until today to get a lesser suspension (which is not what innocent people do). All others accused in the Biogenesis scandal accepted their punishment (I’m sure A-Rod was the only innocent guy). He reportedly bought or tried to buy documents from Biogenesis so he could destroy them. He reportedly tampered with witnesses. His doctor was busted. His cousin was know to be running his PEDs. He admitted doing it in the past. Simply, A-Rod is baseball’s biggest cheater. The Hootens lost a son to steroids for heaven’s sake and YOU Vinnie are defending the guy that used this terrific foundation strictly for PR purposes while lying to everyone! That’s disgusting! How anyone could take a serial liar and cheater over a family trying to save lives of our youth is despicable.


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