Supplements can be dangerous

We’ve posted a lot here recently about the fact that supplements are not regulated.  And, so have a lot of other people.

While reading one of the stories on this subject posted on the CBS News web site, I was reading one of the comments that were posted and thought it worth sharing.

Parents – I know that your youngsters are hard headed and are bound and determined to use over-the-counter supplements no matter what you say.  But, PLEASE take the cautions that we share with you seriously.  This is but one of hundreds of examples of people who were surprised by the side effects of unregulated supplements.


by outragedmom10My son took a “natural” that our gym was selling called Tribol-60 by thai labz. He has been diagnosed with liver damage and has been very ill. He has jaundice, abomminal pain extreme fatigue. If any one is taking this please stop. I told my gym about this and they responded that this was one of their best sellers. Too bad its all about their bottom line.

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