Number of people using steroids will shock people!

The number of people using steroids behind closed doors would shock people, says a local gym owner.

The head of New Zealand’s anti-doping agency, Graeme Steel, says an increasing obsession with appearance and body shape has led to an increase in the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

John Templeton of MountCross-Fit talks about the use of steroids and the effects these have on personality.

John Templeton of MountCross-Fit talks about the use of steroids and the effects these have on personality.

Tauranga gym owners spoken to by the Bay of Plenty Times said there wasn’t a big steroid problem in the city, but the performance enhancing drugs had always been around and always would be.

Mount CrossFit owner John Templeton said people would be surprised by how many people were using steroids.

“Steroid use doesn’t happen at Mount CrossFit and in my area of training.

“From my background experience, people in bodybuilding gyms and global gyms do take them. I can’t be sure about Tauranga but if it’s the same as the rest of the country and the world I’d say there’s quite a percentage of people using them, more than people expect.”

He said people who wanted to change the shape of their physique were using steroids, not to enhance performance.

“I’d say young men are the target market. In that context, using steroids is bad if they’re doing it to change their image. It’s the abuse of steroids that messes people up, they start suffering bad side effects such as acne and depending on the personality they can get ‘roid rage.”

However, FitCo Gym owner John Richardson said he thought there was minimum steroid use in Tauranga.

“It’s not a good look for gyms, I don’t condone it at all. The problem has been around forever, it’s just a story that’s now being well publicised because of what’s coming out in Australia.”

He said steroids were damaging and the majority of gym users in Tauranga wouldn’t take that path.

“I don’t know of a lot of users in Tauranga. My gym-goers are all normal people, for them the gym is about health, longevity, flexibility and fitness. Our body builders are all natural.”

Oceanblue Health and Fitness Club owner Sue Murphy said she had zero tolerance for steroids in her club.

“We know they are in our industry and have been for many years and will continue to be. I’ve had no direct reports of it in Tauranga but I can guarantee some people use it.

“It’s one of those things you can never really know.”

While steroids were more common in the bodybuilding scene, Ms Murphy said a lot of young people also used steroids as an easy way to bulk up.

“Teenagers coming through are very impressionable and are wanting that big look and know they can get big with steroids fast but don’t realise the affect it has on health, moods, aggression and behaviour.”

Mount Maunganui Bay BodyFit owner and personal trainer Mark Woodgate said he wasn’t aware of steroid use going on in his gym.

“I’d say steroid use is only affecting about 1 per cent of the gym-going population, I’ve never come across it. I know of body builders that use them, but none here.”

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3 Responses to Number of people using steroids will shock people!


    Everyone with a muscular build is on them. There are even people who are on roids who look out of shape. Bodybuilding doesn’t exist without drugs. Anyone who says otherwise is cluelesss and delusional. These people put on 30kgs of fat and think it’s all muscle, when reality it’s more like 4kgs of muscle. Housewives, kids, actors, old people, you name it. Millions are juicing. Everyone who competes on a bodybuilding stage is on them. Not just the “bodybuilding” classes but also the “figure”, “physique” (which is “bodybuilding” under a different name)… contestants. Just about every teen who lifts weights and spends time on a bb forum is on them too. A large amount of them take and start off with “prohormones” (which are basically anabolic steroids under a different name).

    I don’t see what the problem is. Why should performance enhancing drugs be illegal to buy/abuse? Why are we allowed to destroy our bodies with smokes and booze, but not allowed to build, repair and better our bodies with performance enhancing drugs? That’s RIDICULOUS! Doing a cycle of steroids makes a hell of a lot more sense than smoking or drinking alcohol, and is much better for you + will improve your life in every way.
    Why is it that we have hormone clinics where they inject patients with ANABOLIC STEROIDS and HGH to boost their libidos, increase their energy, their mental state, their muscle mass… + have doctors injecting ANABOLIC STEROIDS and HGH into patients with diseases and burnt skin… yet noone says a thing about how bad steroids are then?? I mean are you people even aware of that? Or do you think those hormone clinics give out vitamins and that doctors give protein powder to people with muscle wasting diseases?

    • ramond blye says:

      you are so right about the steroids. Many people are on them and we as natural people are fooled about how much muscle they have

  2. ramond blye says:

    this is nothing but a bunch of shi*