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Over the weekend, news started to circulated among members of the bodybuilding community that another life had been prematurely cut short. Nasser El Sonbaty died last week; presumably of kidney failure that began as an aggressive and persistent kidney infection. Matt Duvall had died just a week earlier while Joe Weider’s death was verified yesterday. Joe Weider and Robert Kennedy were the 2 key figures most responsible for the commercialization of steroids, bodybuilding magazines, international bodybuilding shows, and the explosive muscle supplement industry.

On the day of his death, Nasser was only 47 years old; residing in America  though his middle-class upbringing has roots in Germany where he received his undergraduate degree in sociology/political science from Augsburg University. However, Germany’s broad acceptance of performance enhancing drugs provided a suitable environment for Nasser to pursue steroid use and ultimately a bodybuilding career in 1983. Merely 2 years later, he’d entered his first competition which resulted in a respectable 6th place ranking. In 1994, Nasser El Sonbaty made his first ever appearance at the Mr. Olympia contest (considered to be the pinnacle of bodybuilding contests) where he came in 7th place. Nasser’s fans often claimed that his poor rankings were unfair when contrasted against other competitors like countryman Dorian Yates and American Ronnie Coleman. Together, these bodybuilders were redefining the human physique to be more box-like with less emphasis on tapered lines and contour.

The passage of time made Nasser less competitive and his offseason weight was well above 300 pounds - reduced to average 280 pounds during competition. Nasser resigned himself from bodybuilding competitions and his earnings were primarily generated from product sponsorships, guest posing engagements, and other activities on web forums. In fact, the anonymity of bodybuilding forums was a preferred way for Nasser to vent his frustrations while offering tips for steroid use under the ‘GH15′ username.

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We at struggle to find variables of this case that would distinguish Nasser El Sonbaty’s death from other bodybuilders who’ve gone before him. The very fact that there was a list of irregular deaths in the 1980s, linked to steroid use, should have raised red flags that would have either curtailed or terminated his steroid use. Nasser’s college education provided every opportunity to learn about the perils of steroid/HGH use prior to his 1983 ambitions. The only appreciable difference is the fact that there is no stigma against steroid use in Germany as well as other European nations. In fact, large pharmaceutical companies including Searle are allowed to manufacture vast quantities of steroids knowing that (a) their output far exceeds demand associated by consumers who have legitimate medical needs and (b) their product is openly consumed or redistributed throughout the global steroid market.

Generous words of respect were offered by members of several bodybuilding message boards including and We at found it humorous but profoundly irritating that members would attribute Nasser’s ultimate demise simply to body size and diet! Confrontations even emerged between web fans of the same forum about hypothetical causes of Nasser’s death. Nonetheless, most views carefully avoided the “S” word â€" STEROIDS, STERoids, Steroids, steroids. To both the ordinary gym rat and hulking ‘Juice Head’ (who is stacking 5 different PEDs), the notion of steroid use as being a potential cause of a bodybuilder’s death would be expected. It is completely illogical and statistically impossible for a body of web members to tip toe around this issue of steroids by only contemplating diet, body size, space aliens, or fairy dust!

We are becoming quite tired of these senseless and premature steroid deaths. Nasser’s death immediately followed the death of Matt Duval. Matt Duval was another bodybuilder with too much body weight relative to his vertically-challenged frame. Unlike Nasser, Matt didn’t achieve the same level of notoriety with competitions limited to amateur Junior National competitions and ad hoc guest posing appearances. We offer no kind words to describe either Matt Duval or Nasser El Sonbaty following such horrible deaths. In his absence, Nasser adversely affected the lives of family members, American & German friends, and a global fan base. The enormity of their structures was influential to young generations determined to initiate steroid cycles even though they would become too addicted to observe Nasser’s final outcome and deviate from their destructive behavior. For these reasons, we offer no ‘Rest In Peace’ sentiments. Rather, we say “It Is What It Is”.

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5 Responses to Nasser El Sonbaty

  1. sebastien beaulieu drolet says:

    Wow, setting aside your opinion on steroids saying such a thing as we offer no rest in peace clearly show your lack of humanity.

    Clearly your foundation is unaware of what human rights mean. You shoud be ashamed of yourself

    You talk about moral but you don’t have any.

    Think about how saying such words could affect peoples close to this person such as his familly, mother , father people who are not steroids user but, nonetheless love him

  2. Joey says:

    This article rocks; it says it like it is. That pussy who commented below is exactly why we live in a society where everyone spits out irritating and insincere platitudes to each other every time they share news that isn’t easy to process: If they tell the truth, everyone gets offended. Nasser what a philandering, drug-abusing scumbag. End of the story.

    • Noah says:

      Hey Joey,
      By reading your comment I realized that you are an ENVIOUS LOSER.
      In reply to you I will say this:
      If there is a SCUMBAG and a HATER on the face of this earth it’s you, and the author of the article above. I have been taught to always respect the dead! Nasser was a very nice guy, a true gentleman, let alone being one of the best in the business. Since you have an agenda, you failed to mention that performance enhancing drugs are used in almost every sport, especially in the world of bodybuilding. If you think that the top-notch bodybuilders reached their high level of achievement without using sport drugs then you are a STUCK ON STUPID, with capital letters!!!
      If you want to be a top competitor in this field, milk, eggs, and red meat won’t do it for you. Again, acquiring such an excellent physique doesn’t only come by using (Droid), it requires an immense dedication, atrocious hard work and a brutal diet. The vast majority of us don’t have the discipline to put up with this merciless lifestyle, thus my hat goes off to Nasser the champion, the uncrowned Mr.olympia!
      And who’s to tell that Nasser died of steroid use? Congestive heart failure and kidney damage are pretty common and can happen to anyone.
      Nasser blamed his kidney problems on bad diets and entertaining visiting friends at restaurants (high sodium).

      My condolences to his family and friends.
      R.I.P. my Brother, you will always be missed.

      “To compound the disrespect towards the late Nasser el Sonbaty, McLemore tastelessly posted the picture (seen above) of a lifeless Nasser with significant discoloration across his torso. The picture showed Nasser lying with his eyes closed on his back in a hospital. The intended effect was obviously to give the appearance of a post-mortem Nasser. However, the photograph was actually taken six years earlier in late 2006 when Nasser underwent surgery to repair a hernia and to remove lymphomas.”

  3. Mike says:

    Congestive heart failure and/or kidney damage can still result from MANY, MANY pathologies, regardless of any iatrogenic or pharmaceutical cause. In fact, there are more pharmaceutical chemicals that have been pulled by the FDA for causing death than any form of testosterone ever has.
    Renal failure, or even just renal insufficiency can often go undetected for years and then before it’s too late, and has many causes. So does cardiac failure. It’s the most congenital defect.
    It is all too convenient then that Nasser as the victim of cardiac/renal failure was also a user of steroids so he can now be a postmortem victim of SLANDER by those with a PC keyboard and screen instead of an autopsy table and scalpel. I’m sure they’d come to the same “appropriate” conclusion at any funeral they attend to for an alcoholic who had cancer.

  4. Mr.Natural says:

    My father died from kidney failure when he was 49 years old. His father died from kidney failure when he was 48 years old. His grandmother died from kidney failure when she was 28. His sister when she was 32. They never used steroids nor growth hormons. My father was playing football for many years and lived healthy life.
    I am now 50 years old and check my kidneys regularly. Never used steroids or any drugs.
    When i was younger I managed to get 129 kg of muscle by heavy training and healthy eating.
    To all those who talk without any experience in their own life please try this for a year.
    Breakfast: 15 Wheatbix blocks and skim milk.
    For inbetween meals make this protein drink:

    22 egg whites
    6 yolks
    500 grams of tuna in brine
    1 banana
    whey protein powder 100 gr
    mix all this in big blendar and split in 3 protein drinks.

    drink this between breakfast and lunc, between lunch and dinner and immediately after training.


    500 gr T=bone steak and bawl of rice or two big potatoes.

    Protein drink


    last protein drink


    Fish 350 gr and rice or potato

    Follow this diet and train hard every body part only once per week. Do dead lifts once per fortnight max rep 3 reps alternating with heavy deep squats 8-10 reps on other weeks.

    See you in a year if you can follow this you might manage to get 129 kg of quality muscle like I did without any drugs at all.

    Good luck!