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Bikini model pleads guilty to possessing testosterone and drug used to build lean muscle in HORSES

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A bikini model has pleaded guilty to possessing testosterone and a powerfully dangerous horse medicine after she was caught with the drugs at Broadbeach Waters in Queensland.

Gold Coast woman Aneta Maria Siedlecka, 38, pleaded guilty to three drugs charges on Monday just moments before she was due to stand trial at the Brisbane Supreme Court.… Continue Reading...

IFAF strip USA Football of membership following anti-doping violations

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The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) has withdrawn its recognition of USA Football as the national governing body of the sport in their country due to “multiple, continuous and ongoing violations” of the organisations’s anti-doping code.

The IFAF has terminated USA Football’s membership with immediate effect.

They claims USA Football has made it impossible for the Doping Free Sport Unit (DFSU) of the Global Association of International Sport Federations (GAISF) to implement an out of competition control system in the US.… Continue Reading...

Harvard study: NFL should offer treatment for performance-enhancing drug users

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The National Football League should consider providing treatment to any player caught using performance-enhancing drugs, according to a new Harvard University study.

The recommendation was one of several put forward by researchers from the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School.

“NFL football has a storied history and holds an important place in this country,” the authors wrote, while noting the NFL is the top-grossing pro sports league in the United States with 2017 revenues expected to reach $14 billion.… Continue Reading...

Special ops may try to develop ‘super soldiers’ with performance-enhancing drugs

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US Special Operations Command is weighing the use of nutritional supplements or even performance-enhancing drugs to push the abilities and endurance of its forces beyond current human limits, according to a report from Defense News.

While special-operations forces already have access to specialized resources, like dietitians and physical therapists, SOCOM is looking to increase their ability to tolerate pain, recover from injuries, and remain physically able in challenging environments.… Continue Reading...

Warning against use of hormones and steroids to build muscles

Bodybuilders who abuse drugs to build up muscles could end up suffering from low blood sugar, heart failure, liver disorder and renal failure. Photo: CNSA

Bodybuilders who use drugs without doctor’s prescription to help them build muscles are risking their lives, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports, citing a leading doctor.

Dr. Wong Siu-ming, a consultant at the Prince of Wales Hospital’s Department of Medicine, said some young men inject themselves with anabolic steroids, insulin, growth hormones and similar drugs to buff up and achieve a great body figure.… Continue Reading...

Anabolic steroid use linked to damage to heart and arteries

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New research funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found that long-term exposure to anabolic-androgenic steroids may be associated with substantial impairment of the heart, including a reduction in pumping performance and damage to the arteries.

The observational study assessed a sample of male weightlifters age 34-54, comparing men who used anabolic steroids with non-users.… Continue Reading...

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Members of the public are cautioned against buying Nutriline Bluvelle after the weight loss product was found to contain a banned substance, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said on Wednesday (14 June).

The product was marketed as a health supplement for slimming, with claims that it contains natural plant ingredients which are “safe and free of side effects”, the HSA said in the statement.… Continue Reading...

Steroids see four-fold increase, data shows, fuelled by rise in muscle-conscious young men

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Got me out of there: reality TV star Spencer Matthews – brother-in-law of Pippa Middleton – was ejected from I’m A Celebrity when it emerged he had taken steroids

Steroids are the only drug in the UK to have seen a four-fold increase in the past year, official data shows, fuelled by a rise in muscle-conscious young men.… Continue Reading...

Don’t fall for “all natural” claims

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Some dietary supplements are marketed as “all natural,” but do you know that this is actually an unregulated marketing term? So just because a product claims to be “all natural” doesn’t automatically make it safe.

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that products marketed as “all natural” might contain ingredients that could interact with medications or be harmful to people with certain medical conditions or may even contain hidden drug ingredients.… Continue Reading...

Rangers host youth to promote healthy living

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Don Hooton Jr. has seen the effects performance-enhancing substances have on young adults, and he’s doing everything he can to prevent it from happening again.

Hooton, the president of the Taylor Hooton Foundation, encountered it when his brother Taylor took his own life at 17 after using those substances, and Don began the foundation in 2004 to better educate children about the harmful effects.

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